Apples, a Farm and a Visitor

My dear, lovely friend Julie came all the way from North Carolina to visit us this weekend.  We went to the Farmers’ Market Saturday and then to Indian Creek Farm for apple picking on Sunday.  We left both places with arms and arms of lovely produce and spent the afternoons and evenings cooking.

Indian Creek Farm turned out to be an absolute gem– they have a little wood-burning stove in their open air store front, and you can walk through their fields and pick your own apples, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, squashes, pumpkins, etc.  They even had some raspberries left.  And they sell unpasteurized apple cider.

Saturday Julie made us these pumpkin cookies, which were to die for.  (They don’t look super glamorous, but for vegan cookies made with oat flour, they actually had a great, chewy texture and are going to be my standby fall cookies from now on. We also only used one cup of sugar, rather than one and a half.)  For dinner we roasted a winter squash and topped it with butter and cinnamon.  Julie made some swiss chard with onions, bacon, a dash of maple syrup, and hot sauce.  We also made some tomato curry soup (which is going to forever by my tomato soup recipe).  Oh, and roasted beets.  And hot apple cider.  A feast.

Sunday, after a few hours picking produce at the farm, we roasted the brussels sprouts we (well, Julie) had harvested.  And by harvested, I mean wrestled from the ground with the enormous “loppers” (photo above).  We made toasted squash seeds from the previous day’s squash.  We started a big patch of apple butter, made almond meal crusts for an apple pie and a raspberry tart, made raspberry jam for the tart, and sliced up a ton of apples for the pie.  Along with leftover tomato soup, another feast.

It was a beautiful weekend, and we miss our dear friend so much already.  (Jules, we love you!  Thank you for coming to see us!!)


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