Tomato Curry Soup and Warm Greens



John came home from a week in Colorado late last night and this morning went back to bed sick almost as soon as he woke up.  So I decided to make him some tomato soup (in lieu of, for now, the V8 juice he had requested) using this lovely recipe from 101 cookbooks.

This soup is so simple to make.  If you have an onion or two and a couple of cans of tomatoes– whole, diced, whatever– you’re practically there.  You also need some cumin, coriander, and curry powder.  That’s about it.  It comes together in one pot and is one of those soups warms you from the inside out.


I also had some collard greens that needed to be cooked today, so I cut off the biggest part of the stems and then chopped them across (perpendicular to the stem) in very thin strips.  I sauteed them in a generous amount of olive oil with a pinch of salt, about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and a few dashes of red chili flakes.  Oh, and some minced garlic.  I cooked them until they were wilted but still bright green.  If I had had a strip of bacon or some bacon grease or something similar, I would have cooked them in that.  (Collards, by the way, are one of the best sources of calcium– they have more calcium than milk.  And they have a slightly spicy, bitter flavor to them that I can’t get enough of these days.)

With John asleep and not much else on the agenda for the day, I cooked very slowly and  tried to be present with what I was doing.  And in going so slowly, working gently with onion peels and collard stems, pinches of curry and coriander, cooking this morning felt a little like meditation, or prayer.


(The beautiful mug in these photos was a gift from my dear sister-in-law, who writes the most charming blog here.)


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