Farmers’ Market 12.15



DSC_0590It’s been awhile since we’ve been to the farmers’ market, and longer still since we’ve bought anything there.  So it felt good to go there with a little cash in our pockets today.  We bought a bunch of carrots, some parsley, some collard greens, and some garlic.  Just enough to last us until we drive to Nashville for Christmas in a few days.  I was dying for some of these pastries…

DSC_0580But I didn’t get one.  I also fell in love with all of these dried herb wreaths, but didn’t get any of them, either.






And as much as I miss summer, there’s something beautiful about the winter vegetables, the parsnips and carrots and potatoes and squashes.  Sturdy and thick, mostly ugly, but ready to sit and wait patiently in the bottom of the pantry or the cellar or the fridge until the auspicious moment of their transformation into some warming sustenance.







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