A Foot of Snow and Tomato Soup



After a beautiful week in Nashville and a 16 hour drive back to Ithaca yesterday, we are finally home and unearthing ourselves from over a foot of snow.  John’s been shoveling the driveway and sidewalk for the past hour.  I made some of this tomato soup, since we had the onions and some cans of tomatoes in the pantry.  And then I put some plastic grocery bags over my cotton gloves and secured them with rubber bands– instant waterproof gloves– and went to help John shovel.  The snow is still coming down steadily, so the shoveling takes on a sisyphean quality.


Christmas gifts included a new camera lens, this one, and some good, tall suede boots lined in shearling.  And a candle from anthropologie.  And my best friend threw me a beautiful baby shower, and so many aunts and friends came that I was completely overwhelmed by all the love.  We are now officially swimming in baby clothes.  I can’t wait to wash them all and line them up on a shelf.  (Speaking of babies, my sister in law sent me this video of a woman’s changing anatomy during pregnancy– can someone please tell me where the intestines go?!  This is crazy.)


Anyway, it’s been nice being back home, and nice making do with what we have– cans of crushed tomatoes and plastic bags for waterproof gloves.



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