Pregnancy 30 Weeks (Self Portrait)

DSC_0565Earlier today I saw my reflection in the glass of the map of Beaufort we have hanging on the wall, and it looked nice.  So I took a picture. 10-ish weeks left to go.  Already having a little trouble bending over to fasten boots, and my coat doesn’t zip.

We had a pancake feast for lunch today, which is becoming part of our family Lent tradition. (Sundays are considered feast days during Lent, days on which to break your fast and celebrate.  So part of our celebration involves eating pancakes.)

Yesterday we went over to our friends’ house, where John and the guy bottled the batch of beer they’d started a few weeks ago.  I stayed inside and chatted over tea with the wife while she made a chocolate cake.  They had just started their maple syrup, which was simmering in the woodshed.

Last night I made a Moroccan chickpea salad (from 101 Cookbooks). With carrots and chopped up prunes, of all things.  I needed something to take to a potluck, and our fridge and pantry are getting bare, but I did have some prunes, a can of chickpeas, half a lemon, and a few carrots.  It was delicious and is my new obsession.  Everyone, make it and tell me what you think.


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