Microgreens, a Gift


DSC_0542First of all, everyone listen to this.  (J. Kameron Carter preaching at Wheaton on Exodus 17.  It is stunning.)

At a church dinner this weekend, some friends of ours (one of whom works at a farm) brought a beautiful microgreens salad.  Dressed only with lemon juice and salt. It was  one of the most perfect things I have ever eaten.

DSC_0546Microgreens are basically the very young shoots of plants such as lettuces, radishes, peas, beets, kale, etc. Research has found that microgreens contain 4-6 times the amount of vitamins as their adult counterparts.  And the taste is sort of wild and fresh, the purest essence of the flavor of each plant.  So delicate and flavorful that only the merest gesture of dressing is needed.  Our friend said that his farm sells them for $40/pound at the farmers’ market.  We could never afford to buy them, or at least not more than one individual stem at a time.

So when he gave us a bag with the leftover greens after dinner I was ecstatic.  A treasure.  I didn’t have any lemons today, but I made a little sauce (as the French call salad dressing) with the juice of half an orange with about 1/4 tsp. salt stirred in until it dissolved.  Oh the joy.

Here’s a little information on how to grow them yourself if you’re interested.



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