Collection of Soups, for Those Still in Winter

DSC_0564I know it’s been awhile.  Life has been a little busy.  John and I went to the panhandle of Florida for a long weekend visit to his brother’s family.  It was wonderful to see them and also wonderful to bask in 70 something degree weather for a few days.  It’s funny how much you can start to miss sunshine.  We came back to snow on the ground and more snow last night.

We stopped at the grocery on the way home so I could buy a bunch of collard greens.  After a day of airport food all I could think about was some sauteed collards.  I’ve been eating a lot of those lately.  Don’t know if I’ve mentioned that.  At 32 weeks pregnant I am mostly craving heaps of chocolate ice cream (which I try not to eat) and collard greens (which I do try to eat).  Maybe I can write out a semblance of a recipe for them soon.  (But until then here’s a good basic recipe that works for collards as well as the suggested kale or chard.  For my greens I use the basic elements of her recipe, but I don’t use parmesan and I cook the stems and also usually add a little splash of apple cider vinegar and some hot sauce and maybe 1 tsp. of honey or maple syrup if I’m feeling really fancy.)

Also when we got home John wanted to check my car to make sure it would turn on (the battery has been a little temperamental lately) and sure enough the battery was dead.  So at 9:00 after a full day of traveling (three separate airplanes…) and in the freezing cold he took my car to get a new battery.  Incredible man.

But back to the point of this post:  Heidi Swanson just posted a collection of some of her favorite soups on 101 Cookbooks, so I thought I’d share the link for any of you who live in a land of perpetual winter and might want a little inspiration.  I’m trying to decide which one of these I’d like to make this week.  Maybe this one?  Or this garlic soup…..


2 thoughts on “Collection of Soups, for Those Still in Winter”

  1. I am over winter and ready for the spring. But I always love soup. It is great to get your veggies and use left over ingredients.
    Can’t wait to try these recipes.

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