Three Weeks and Four Days

DSC_0557 - Version 2

I am completely in love with this baby.  Briefly: Will is perfect in every possible way.  We are watching a lot of Poirot while we nurse these days, so I’m hoping that maybe Will learns to speak with a French (well, Belgian) accent?!  (“Miss Lemon, my tisane, if you please!”)  We are literally surrounded on all sides by mountains of laundry, and some days all I can manage to eat is a handful of cashews and raisins until John gets home and sort of magically cooks dinner, does a load of laundry, pours me a glass of wine, and holds the baby all at once…  Anyway, I never thought I could be this exhausted, this covered all over with a sticky layer of milk and sweat (nursing sans central air on 90 degree days is a whole crazy thing in its own sphere of stickiness) and yet this happy, all at once.


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