A Gift on the Porch



Some friends of ours left this on the porch tonight, freshly picked from the farm.  I will eat them for dinner.  And then for dessert:


Just kidding, I am not going to eat my baby for dessert. Also, he slept for over 8 straight hours last night, and then another 3 after that.  Also, I didn’t change his diaper all night, for 12 hours.  Is that ok? Also, we have given him a pacifier.  It actually does, in fact, pacify him.  But I feel like a complete failure as a mother.  But I also feel relieved that my baby isn’t crying all the time.  Just kidding, he doesn’t cry all the time, just a lot.  And by “a lot,” I mean just a normal amount for a six and a half week old baby.  Which is a lot.  Also, we ate a bag of chips for dinner tonight, I’m not even kidding.  Although yesterday I made some of these, so, I mean.


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