Our CSA This Week, and What About Beet Greens


We’re on week 4 or so of our CSA with Ithaca Organics.  I love this one because we get to go to their booth at the farmers’ market and pick out whatever we want for the week.  It’s a little intimidating (will they think we’re taking too much?), but I love being able to pick what we’ll use and like the most.


This week: half a quart of fresh strawberries (which I mostly ate on the way home from the market), a pint of sugar snap peas (or something like them?),  a bunch of swiss chard (John’s favorite), some beet greens, and parsley and dill, plus spinach and a big bag of micro salad greens (the latter two not in the picture above).  Does anyone have any ideas about what to do with beet greens?  They just looked so pretty and I thought I could figure something out, but I’d love to know if anyone has any ideas…


We got dill last week as well– the first time I have ever used dill, to be honest– and it was wonderful.  Two straight weeks of dill.  Anyway, I wanted to write a whole post with some tips and things about how to survive a CSA, what to do with all the greens, etc., but it turns out that this whole baby thing kind of takes up a lot of time, so I’m going to try to do 5 minutes of yoga before Will wakes up rather than write a whole long thing.  Anyway, here’s a special treat for everyone:




2 thoughts on “Our CSA This Week, and What About Beet Greens”

  1. Laurie:

    Beet greens are the best [next to mustard greens]! I like them simply stir-fried/sautéed or steamed and then dressed. I’ll use either olive oil or sesame oil and depending on which oil — some tamari, or balsamic/wine/rice vinegar and salt.

    There are some fancier recipes out there on the web, but as I say, I like it simple, quick and easy.

    The beets themselves I like to roast and then serve them cold with olive oil/wine vinegar/garlic/touch of lemon juice vinaigrette.

    [your baby is breathtakingly gorgeous!]

    1. Oh, wonderful! Thanks for the advice on beet greens! I can’t wait to try them (and sadly, they came without the actual beets…). And THANK YOU for the compliments about the baby! I do think he’s gorgeous, personally, but I am pretty biased…

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