Bath Time & Pacifiers


First of all, it’s been about two weeks since anyone has cut Will’s fingernails.  He’s been getting a little more dexterous these days, and so his little crying spurts have also included his clawing at my chest with his little talons.  I have been trying to cut those baby claws all week, but I just basically can’t.  So John finally did this weekend.  Praise the Lord.   Also, this:


Look at that face.  That’s how Will looks at me when he nurses, so as you can imagine, my heart breaks with cuteness about a million times a day.  Also, we’ve only been giving him a bath about every week or so. I know we should start doing it every night as part of the “bedtime” “routine” but that just hasn’t happened yet, and I decided this morning that I am just going to not feel guilty about stuff.  And anyway, the only “routine” that Will seems to want or need for going to sleep at night is his pacifier and the exact time of 9:00.  I keep trying to get him to go to sleep earlier, and he will literally cry his head off until the clock says 9, at which point, if you give him the pacifier he will go to sleep instantly. Last night I was like, “I am going to teach this baby to go to sleep without a pacifier!  I do not want him to be dependent on an object!” and after about 15 minutes of my best efforts he was still hysterical.  And I wanted to go do some yoga.  So I gave him the paci and I kid you not, he instantly, I mean instantly, fell asleep. Instantly. So whatever. And starting right now I’m not going to feel guilty about it.  I will let him use a pacifier until he’s 6 if that’s what it takes.

So, bath time.


We’re using unscented Dr. Bronner’s for soap & “shampoo” (because you don’t need shampoo for babies), and CJ’s Butter (in the scent “Pink Sugar”) for lotion and diaper rash ointment (cloth diaper safe).  Those are the only two baby hygiene products we have.  I did not want about 50 bottles of this and that sitting around, and honestly we haven’t needed the CJs at all yet.  Probably because it’s so humid here in upstate New York. (That is sarcasm, because it is not humid here at all but everyone who is from here just thinks they are about to die from all the 60% humidity.  To them, 60% humidity is unbearable and of course, to anyone who grew up in the South 60% humidity is just arid heaven.  But then, to me 45 degrees is freezing cold, so everything’s relative.)

Anyway. Sometimes I just slather Will up with Pink Sugar because I love the smell.  The first time I did, John got a little indignant and was like, “Did you put perfume on my baby?” Yes, John, I put perfume on our baby. “No, it’s just Pink Sugar lotion,” I told him.


So that’s that. Oh, Dr. Bronner’s soap is a little pricey (maybe $10 for the big bottles, or even a little more, depending on where you live) but we seriously use about half a teaspoon of it for Will’s bath.  And at the rate we’re bathing him we will have this bottle forever.  That is all.  Oh, and how about this?  Boom.


2 thoughts on “Bath Time & Pacifiers”

  1. Hi Laurie:

    Mercy, I don’t know how you get anything done during the day with a little looker like that around!

    I don’t have children so I don’t have any advice on the pacifier issue [except that not feeling guilty seems like a great idea!].

    I can certainly ease some of your guilt about the Dr. Bronner’s — it’s 18 euros here in Europe for a big bottle. With the present exchange rate, that would make it about $23 USD! 10 bucks seems like quite a deal to me! 😉

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