Fruits of Summer, How I Long for Roquefort, and a Salad

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Last summer I did not buy one single stone fruit all summer long.  They seemed too expensive.  I would stand in the grocery and look at the organic peaches, nectarines, and cherries and see how much they cost and I would think, “Well, I’ll just buy the non-organic ones” but then then I kept thinking I would die on the spot from pesticides or something, so I just never bought any, not a single one.

This summer I decided I would let neither stinginess nor the fear of death by pesticides stand in my way of peaches and plums.   So last night I bought 4 apricots and 3 pluots.  I also bought some gorgonzola cheese, which was quite an event for me.  (Every time I go to the grocery I am basically confronted with the terrible cheese demon within, which whispers alluring words like “Roquefort” and “camembert” and tells me how happy I will be if I spend all of the money in our bank account on cheese.  Needless to say, most weeks I win this battle and rarely, rarely buy fancy cheese.  But last night the siren call of cheese beckoned, and I fell to temptation.  I yearned tragically for Roquefort, but there wasn’t any so I had to settle for gorgonzola.)


So anyway, for lunch I made a salad out of some shredded swiss chard (my least favorite of the leafy greens– it was all we had, but this would be much better with almost any other kind of lettuce or green thing– although the pink stems and veins of the chard added some nice color) and ate it with apricots and gorgonzola. Very simple, not really a recipe at all, but here it is.


Shredded Greens Salad with Apricots and Gorgonzola

Per person:

1 c. finely shredded greens (I used swiss chard, since it was all we had, but I think it would be much better with kale, collards, or dark salad greens like arugula)

1-2 apricots, the freshest possible, diced (or same quantity of peaches, cherries, plums, etc., about 1/3 to 1/2 c. per person)

3-4 T crumbled gorgonzola or other blue cheese (or substitute chèvre)

drizzle of olive oil and black pepper

Obviously you can throw in almost any vegetal item in your kitchen, some little shreds of carrots or broccoli or what have you, or some sunflower seeds or cashews or something like that.



Also, when my parents were visiting recently, my amazing stepdad found troves of wild black raspberries, and we picked tons of them, and I ate them in a little bowl with cream.

DSC_0641 DSC_0644


3 thoughts on “Fruits of Summer, How I Long for Roquefort, and a Salad”

  1. Beautiful photos, Laurie! I just bought some peaches to make peach and walnut baked oatmeal “cake” (with maple cream cheese frosting) for Lucy’s birthday! Perhaps I will use the extras for salad! I use dried fruit most of the year, so this will be a delicious upgrade!

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