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For our CSA (with Ithaca Organics) this week: dill, cilantro, cucumbers, a big bag of basil, beans, 5 heads of garlic, and blueberries.  Oh, blueberries.  They wanted me to take a bunch of squash and more cucumbers, but John is going to be out of town this week and I didn’t want too much stuff.  It’s time-consuming trying to wrestle all these vegetables into food, and we still have some greens left over from last week.  I’ll probably make a big batch of lentil croquettes based on this recipe from 101 Cookbooks.  And then I can just whip up some more mayonnaise and mix it with dill and cilantro to dip the croquettes in.  But first I am just going to sit here and eat all the blueberries for lunch.

John left a few hours ago for a week-long work trip to Maine.   Before he left he double-bagged our trash and took it to a dumpster so I wouldn’t have to take the trash out while he’s gone.  How amazing is that?!  He also clipped Will’s nails so I wouldn’t have to, wrote me letters to open each day he’ll be gone and did so many other things that I can’t even remember them all.