When I Said that Thing About Naps, and some Fudge

photo copy 2

I think I may have mentioned recently that Will was taking some good naps.  “Epic,” I believe, was the word I used.  Yes, bless him, he certainly was.  Until a nurse at our doctor’s office stabbed him four times in his little baby thighs on Tuesday with so-called vaccines and turned my poor baby into a puddle of tears ever since. A screaming, inconsolable puddle of tears.  And John is out of town, so I am (irrationally and senselessly) furious at him, even if he did write me letters for every day that he was going to be gone and double bagged the trash and drove it to the dumpster so I wouldn’t have to take the trash out.  (So, ok, I’m not really mad at him, but I am a little bit.)  Also, my baby has grown 5 inches in the last 10 weeks.  So, that’s a lot to deal with.

Anyway, to heal my frayed mother nerves I made this peanut butter coconut oil fudge a little while ago, and it is my new best friend.  And Will is finally sleeping. (Oh, and he hasn’t really been inconsolable for terribly long stretches.  Just longer than usual.  But it’s meant a lot more snuggling, which has been delicious.  More delicious than fudge.)

photo from food52.com

Also, p.s. This baby, who lives in an orphanage that my friend Holly runs a non-profit to support, needs a sponsor. $25/month. Y’all. That is literally less than a data package for your damn smartphone. Do you really need Facebook on your phone more than this baby needs formula? Look at that little face!

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