Some Gifts. Peaches, a Cookbook, Family.





Hey y’all.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  This is going to be short.  Photos and news:  a visit from John’s dad and grandmother (her hand with Will, above).  A box of freshly picked peaches left on our porch by dear friends.  And this stunningly beautiful cookbook of Spanish cooking that was sent to us by my best friend’s boyfriend after they visited last weekend.  How amazing is that?!  Who sends their girlfriend’s best friend a gorgeous Spanish cookbook?  Apparently this guy does.  (Also, they brought ten live lobsters in a cooler and we cooked the lobsters, fried up some french fries, made a double batch of mayonnaise from scratch, and ate it all with bottles of really good wine.  It was basically like heaven.  Or like what I pretty strongly believe heaven will be like.)

Speaking of which I’ve been reading this cookbook and it’s just one of those transformative, beautiful books that I wish I could spend all day reading.  And listening to Emmylou Harris’s album Wrecking Ball, which if you don’t own, please go buy and listen to over and over because it is so beautiful.  Like, heart-wrenchingly, achingly beautiful.

And also, how about this?  He’s 4 months old now:



4 thoughts on “Some Gifts. Peaches, a Cookbook, Family.”

  1. Robert Farrar Capon RIP. We’ve lost one of the great ones. The Supper of the Lamb, is indeed, a wonderful book. My favorite of his, though, is “Kingdom, Grace, Judgment: Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus.” Have you come across it?

    [The picture of your baby made me laugh out loud! His cuteness is irresistible.]

    1. Ooh, no I haven’t read that other book of his, but the title sounds amazing. I love his writing so far. Just love it. I’ll keep my eyes out for the one you mentioned! Thanks for the recommendation!!

  2. Laurie: it changed my life, no lie. I thought my heart would explode with the ecstatic realization of God’s grace. “Between Noon and Three” is another great book, but “Kingdom, Grace and Judgment” holds a special place for me, if for nothing else than its take on the parable of the sheep and the goats at the final judgment.

    You might want to look in on Mockingbird’s web site. They’ve done several posts on Capon through the years [. In fact, they just did a piece on “Between Noon and Three” []

    I’ll put a plug in here for Mockingbird, while I’m at it. A marvel of a web site; check it out if you haven’t come across it. You won’t be sorry.

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