Roasted Mushroom Soup & Baby

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I made this mushroom soup a couple of days ago.  It was delicious.  (And dairy free.)  It uses a puree of white beans, roasted onions and garlic as a base for creaminess. I added maybe 1/4 c. of white wine towards the end, and a dash or two of cayenne pepper.  It would be nice with a splash of sherry instead of white wine, if you have sherry on hand.

I also pureed some of the mushrooms with the other ingredients, so the soup was a little darker, which I liked.  Roasted mushrooms turn out to be my new favorite food.  Anyway, this soup was super flavorful and warming, and John (who dislikes soup in general) loved it.  We ate it with buttered toast, and I think this will become one of my fall/winter staples.

(To me, this soup tasted like gravy– you could roughly blend in all the mushrooms, use a little less liquid (vegetable stock instead of chicken), and end up with a perfect vegan gravy if you are so inclined!)

Also, it was 40 degrees yesterday morning, so I bundled Will up before we left.  I’m still dying from the cuteness.  Man.  (Thanks to some friends for the darling hat, and to my mom for the super cute outfit!!)




4 thoughts on “Roasted Mushroom Soup & Baby”

  1. Fantastic looking soup! It makes me sorry I can’t eat legumes anymore. You’re so right about roasted mushrooms; I don’t eat them any other way.

    And — you’re killing me with these pictures of your baby – in a hat with little ears, no less! Have mercy!

    1. Aw, thanks for the sweet compliments about my baby. He’s killing me with his cuteness, too! You could probably make this without the beans (and just add some cream for the creaminess)!

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