Snow and Rosemary and Baby Food



Snowy afternoon.  At the farmers’ market this morning I bought about 5 pounds of chicken feet and a little bunch of rosemary and one of thyme.  I might cook something with them at some point, but for now they are serving as a bouquet on the table.  I bought a turkey carcass at the butcher and it’s simmering on the stove with some of the chicken feet and some carrots and onion skins and garlic.  The butcher was also selling a little container of duck fat for $3, so I bought it and am rendering it on the stove.  So the house smells like stock and rosemary and crackling duck fat.


John is out hunting this afternoon, and Will is taking the longest nap of his young life– I think we’ve just reached the 3 hour mark.  Amazing.  He’s almost 7 months old, and we’ve been letting him eat some egg yolks here and there, and last night he seemed particularly hungry so I opened a can of sardines and smushed them with my fingers a little and let him eat until he didn’t want any more, which ended up being half the can.  Ah, he’s waking up.  Oh, here are some pictures of his latest trick:

photo-4 image-5 copy


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