Black Eyed Peas and All Bundled Up

DSC_0594 DSC_0600 DSC_0610

I made a big pot of black eyed peas for New Year’s Day.  Cooked them up with a smoked ham hock from The Piggery and then threw in some collard greens and an onion diced up at the end.  Ate them with lots and lots of hot sauce.  It was perfect.  John and I drank some wine and ate the beans and ham by candlelight and talked about our vision and plans for 2014.

We got about 8 inches of snow today, and right now it’s 13 degrees outside. Will’s 2 bottom teeth have come in, and he’s not exactly crawling, but he’s managing to scoot himself all over the place. He’ll be 8 months old in 4 days. John is his favorite person in the whole world, and every time Will sees him he starts laughing and wiggling his whole body with joy. It’s adorable.  Here are some pictures of us all bundled up (including some baby Uggs I bought at the consignment store down the street for $8.  Our house stays so cold that I needed something warmer than cotton socks for his little toes!)

IMG_1271 IMG_1302 IMG_1311 IMG_1315



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