Spicy Black Beans with Orange

Cooked some black beans with orange last night (a recipe from the free How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman app– very much worth downloading!!!).  I’ve been sticking to an incredibly tight grocery budget the past couple of months, so we’re eating some form of beans almost every night.  This recipe sounded delicious, and the orange flavor was a nice change of pace.  The beans tasted even better after a night in the fridge.  And Will loved them.  (He’s able to pick up little beans and other pieces of food now, which is delightful.)  We ate these with our staple corn tortillas and hot sauce.  Some cilantro and avocado would have made it really incredible.  (Here’s a similar recipe if you want to make these without Mark Bittman’s book or app.)

Also, Will eating an orange.  I gave him a pretty big chunk to chew on, and by the time I finished taking pictures I realized the chunk was completely gone. I panicked instantly, assuming that he must have lodged it in his throat and was on the verge of death, but he was completely fine. So I’m pretty relieved about that.  And also a little alarmed that I am suddenly the mother of a baby who is eating huge orange pieces.  When did my tiny baby get so big?!?! Anyway, I wish I had hours and hours to write about how delightful this boy is, but he’s just woken up from his nap so I must run.



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