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DSC_0667DSC_0652DSC_0651DSC_0646DSC_0611DSC_0605DSC_0650Actually pulled out the real camera for the first time in awhile.  He’s 8 months old and just more delightful by the day.  He’s been able to pick up beans and small pieces of food with his thumb and pointer finger for the past few weeks, and it is delightful to watch the process. Little bits of steamed carrots, banana, beans.  Today a smidgen of miso paste.  (He would make a face of, “What in the world is this?!” which if you’ve ever eaten miso paste you will understand, but then would go for more.) I love meals (and every other part of the day) with this boy.

p.s.– The kidney was terrible.  Beyond terrible.  I feel utterly betrayed by kidney. Just for the record.