CSA 7.13 (and a WONDERFUL summer miso soup)

DSC_1052 DSC_1056 DSC_1057Our CSA this week.  Two boxes of sugar snap peas, some yellow beans, kale, cilantro, dill, and beets.  The beets I roasted Sunday afternoon, turned the oven off, and then forgot about the beets until noon the next day.  I’m usually not one to err on the conservative side of food safety, but I decided to go ahead and toss them. I felt terrible.  But on the bright side, Will loves the yellow beans, the snap peas are delicious.

And also on the bright side, in order to make room for our new week’s produce I decided to bite the bullet and do something with the turnips that had been sitting in the fridge all week.  I have never ever cooked with turnips.  Something about the pale whiteness of them turns me off.  But I searched for turnip recipes on 101 Cookbooks and found this gorgeous miso tahini soup recipe. I didn’t have any tahini on hand, but I had some random sesame seeds in the pantry, and a lemon, so I made a tahini dressing in the blender and added that instead.  And I’ve been buying miso in bulk lately (because Will loves eating little balls of it), so we had that as well.  After the turnips had cooked enough in the soup I pulled some out, slathered them with butter and gave them to Will as he was eating dinner.  He loved them.  Anyway, the soup was delicious, and you can make it with any vegetables you have around.  Any kind of greens are lovely in it, and it’s one of my new favorite way to use the odds and ends of vegetables toward the end of the week.  (Read here for the health benefits of real miso. Since I wrote that post I’ve been buying it in huge tubs that are much more economical, and it lasts pretty much forever in the fridge.)DSC_1062


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