Eating from the Pantry for August

photo 1-3

Somehow we have ended up with an overflowing pantry.  (See above. Please note the bottom shelf and floor, which used to be very handy, usable space, and have recently been surrendered to the indomitable Toddler.  I hope everyone’s heart is welling up with sorrow and pity at the way in which I have lost fully one third of my already quite tiny pantry space. But then again, I have a tiny pantry full of food, and there is more food where that came from, and potable water flows from our faucets with zero effort on our part, and there are many, many people in the world who would be overjoyed to have running water and four pantry shelves full of good food with more to be had with the swipe of a plastic card.)

Anyway. Since our pantry is so full, and since we’ve spent quite a bit of money the past couple of months on trips and the dentist and eye doctors I decided that we are going to clean out the pantry/freezer this month and my goal is to spend only $150 on anything additional this month, to cover eggs, a lemon here and there, etc. That’s going to be about $30/week.  I’m already getting a little nervous, but I think the discipline will be good. And we do get a heaping bag of veggies from our CSA each week.  So we should be fine.

photo 2-3

So here’s what we have in our capacious pantry, full of food: a few extra bags of dry beans, a huge jar of black eyed peas, lots of rice and buckwheat, several boxes of Barilla Plus pasta (which I picked up on sale at Target), some cans of tuna and salmon and little jars of red curry paste.  A can of coconut milk. Some packets of flavored oatmeal left over from our trip. A not insubstantial jar of ghee. Lots of peanut butter and cocoa powder.  2 bags of Thai chili lime cashews from our recent trip to Trader Joe’s. And some random things (not sure what, but I suppose we’ll find out, won’t we?) in the freezer. I am almost positive I have at least one ham hock, which will help us take care of the black eyed peas. The fridge is bare after our 8 days out of town, but we’ll get our CSA on Sunday. John will be out of town most of this upcoming week, and Will and I can get by on lentil kitchari (basically his favorite food of all time, except for blueberries) and grilled cheese sandwiches.

And we did just buy 2 cases of wine at Trader Joes, so that will help (one case of 2 buck Chuck, and one case of a variety of $4.99 wines, which after the case discount were $4.50 per bottle).  Stay tuned for weekly updates and menus! (And if anyone has any ideas for good pantry meals, let me know!!!!)


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