CSA 8.3

photo 2-7

This week: some potatoes, 2 tomatoes, purple beans, a bunch of carrots, celery (with lots of leaves), a box of some super hot peppers, a box of blueberries, some basil, and a couple of turnips.  A good haul, and enough to help us get through this week without spending too much of our tiny allotment for this month. John left this morning and won’t be back until Friday, so lots of hours of just me and the babe. Fortunately, he’s going through a phase where he throws his arms around my neck and squeezes me and nestles his cheek in whenever I pick him up, so I think we will survive. Also, this and this:

photo 1-5 photo 4-3(And yes, our house is messy, and yes Will isn’t wearing pants, and yes that’s a twin mattress on the floor in our living room.  Our neighbor just moved and was giving it away, and I decided I wanted a place for Will to climb and jump and cuddle. So far it’s a success.  Our neighbor also bequeathed us an heirloom tomato plant, but no tomatoes so far…. I’m hoping we get at least one before the cold weather comes.)



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