Eating from the Pantry: August 1-9


Here’s a recap of our first week (plus two days) of trying to clean out our pantry/freezer and spend only $150 on groceries this month. John was out of town for most of this week, which (although very sad, especially when I came down with a fever of close to 102) made grocery spending a little easier.  I spent a little extra on meat this week, but I’m saving the ground pork for cooking with beans next week when John gets home.  It’s been a little lean, but not bad.  I did cut some mold off a few pieces of bread and eat the rest, something I normally wouldn’t do. Good practice in learning that small amounts of food matter. Spending for the week and selected menus below, not that anyone really cares, but here they are.

Aug. 1: $4.50 on about 2 pints of blueberries and 2 heads of garlic at a local farm
Aug. 3: $11 3 lbs organic sweet potatoes, bunch of organic broccoli, 6 bananas, bag of onions, salt
Aug. 5: $19.50 2 lbs of chicken bones for stock, a pound of ground beef, and a pound of ground pork from The Piggery

Total spent: $35, Remaining $115

August 1 For breakfast Will and I ate some porridge (a Bob’s Red Mill blend that my mother-in-law gave us, with rice, corn, buckwheat, and sorghum).  I soaked it the night before and then cooked it up with a heap of coconut oil and ghee and some frozen blueberries. We ate an egg each, and Will also had some banana. Lunch was some leftover refried beans and odds and ends (cheese and blueberries, mostly). Dinner: John and I had pasta with garlic and olive oil, Will ate a pinto bean cake from the freezer and some cheese, and all three of us had carrots and some leftover pieces of salami from our trip.


August 2 Breakfast: John and Will scrambled eggs, Will and me leftover porridge from yesterday along with some fresh blueberries. Lunch, a dutch baby pancake (soaked the flour in water and a tablespoon each of whey and apple cider vinegar for 24 hours). For Will, pinto bean cake from freezer, cooked carrots, a few pieces of cheese.  And blueberries.  Dinner: potluck dinner at our pastor’s house. We brought some  blueberries for our humble contribution.

August 3  Breakfast: Oatmeal with flax and chia seeds, raisins and cinnamon.  Lunch: Pasta with pesto from freezer tossed with chopped celery leaves (from CSA). Dinner: baked trout (from freezer) with roasted garlic, tomatoes, and potatoes (from CSA), and sautéed green beans.  (John cooked every last bit of it, and it was amazing.)

August 4 Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and toast with (lots of) butter. Lunch: Will had canned oysters, cheese, and sweet potatoes.  I semi-skipped lunch but made a peanut butter, chocolate, banana smoothie when Will woke up from his nap (half a banana, 3 T pb, 2-3 T cocoa powder, 1/4 t. salt, dash of cinnamon (optional), 6 ice cubes, 1 c water– blend and voila. Literally my favorite thing to eat/drink these days). Dinner: John is out of town all week, so lentil kitchari with yogurt on top for me and Will.

August 6 Breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast (and a cup of chicken broth each). Lunch: Will had some ground beef and leftover lentil kitchari with plain yogurt. I semi-skipped lunch again and had another peanut butter chocolate smoothie in the afternoon. (By “semi-skipped” I mean I ate a little bit of what Will didn’t and was generally so exhausted by the whole feeding him lunch after chasing him around all morning thing that I totally lost my appetite. I’m not intentionally not eating lunch, Mom. And my afternoon smoothie has about 5 million calories in it, so it evens out a bit.) Dinner: Will had ground beef, heaps of broccoli with butter, banana, cheese, and chicken broth. I had a large plate of broccoli with butter and a glass of wine.  Several hours after he fell asleep I ate dinner, which may or may not have consisted of Thai chili lime cashews, more wine, and an episode or two of Jeeves and Wooster.

August 7 Breakfast: Bob’s Red Mill porridge again (soaked a day before) with heaps of butter, ghee, and coconut milk.  And cinnamon.  And an egg apiece. Lunch: Lentil kitchari with onions and turnips. After lunch on Thursday I started getting sick… Literally went through an entire box of tissues from late afternoon until the next morning. Even with Nyquil I was up all night with a dripping nose and stabbing pain in my neck, etc.

August 8 Woke up with a fever that reached 101.8 and a sore stomach from blowing my nose so many times. I hardly have language to describe how terrible that night, morning and early afternoon were.  If John wouldn’t have been able to get home by the afternoon I would have called one of our mothers to fly on the next plane out.  But John was home by 2:30 Friday and apart from nursing Will I was able to lie in bed for almost 2 full days. In my fevered stupor (and before John had come home from being out of town) I somehow managed to cook an egg and a sweet potato for Will for breakfast.  For lunch I opened a can of smoked oysters and gave him the rest of the sweet potato and cheese.  I wasn’t able to eat anything until John came home and made me toast.  I have no idea what he had for dinner.

August 9  John managed to feed himself and Will from whatever odds and ends we had. I had very little appetite but was able to eat some lentils and a piece of cheese toast. In the evening my fever went up to over 102.  So thankful that John was home, and in the morning the fever was gone. And this is our pantry now (on right), compared with when we began (on left), minus whatever filter I had on my phone in the picture on the right, oops.


photo 2-3


3 thoughts on “Eating from the Pantry: August 1-9”

  1. I’m glad you aren’t skipping lunch! Is there any way to add more protein, like protein powder in shake or a little milk? Lack of protein can make you lack energy…..just checking, but you know best for you…:) love you, Mom

    1. You’re sweet, Mom. I usually get plenty of protein. Looking back, the day I didn’t eat much lunch or dinner was the day before I got sick, so I think it was maybe pre-illness loss of appetite. 🙂

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