Eating from the Pantry: The Last Days of August (And yeah, I know it’s already October)

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So the last days of August (yes, forever ago!) brought company (my dearest childhood friend and her beau– they brought bottles of wine and fresh lobsters from the city) as well as the start of my job.  Which I haven’t written about much (at all?) here, but I work as a chaplain at a college here in town 12-15 hours a week.  Which is just enough hours to make life feel pretty crazy around here.  BUT I completely and totally love what I do, and it is pretty much an ideal job in every respect.

Anyway, all that is to say it’s taken me forever to write about the last week or so of the  cleaning out the pantry/freezer adventure of August (while spending only $150 extra on groceries for the 3 of us– See here for what our pantry looked like on August 1). And sadly I don’t remember much of what we ate those last days!  When Heather and Chris were in town we had lobster one night, and I had to spend some extra money on bread, butter, eggs, etc. for them, and we bought a pork loin from our local butcher for dinner the other night.









So I ended up going over my $150 allotment by about $50.  But STILL, we only spent $200 on groceries for a whole month!!!! And I cleaned out the recesses of the fridge, freezer, and pantry and decided what to eat and what to toss.  It was like hitting a reset button in the kitchen, which is a good feeling.

The one downside is that we started September low on things I typically store up, but that will just mean that September is another lean month as I use our regular budget to slowly stock back up on beans, pasta, olive oil, etc.

I LOVED doing the month of August like this, and I will probably do similar clean out the pantry months once a year from now on, if not more often.


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