35 Weeks Pregnant: Nesting etc.

photo 1-19

I’ll be 35 weeks tomorrow, but I’m going to go on and round up for today. So the baby is now a little over 5 pounds and 18 inches long (approximately). I feel huge. No heartburn, praise the Lord, but the baby still kicks me every night for an hour or two before letting us both get a little sleep. Wrangling a toddler while in this state is getting hard. Will loves touching my belly (sort of awkward picture of which above), but is also in the tantrum-throwing, crazy stage of personhood, and there are times when I have to carry him from some place to some other place against his will, and he’s pretty strong, and it’s hard, and I’m worried he will kick the baby and cause some sort of horrible injury.

It’s nice and warm here, which still feels like a miracle. I’m glad I don’t have to be pregnant in the south in the summer, but even up here I have been getting pretty warm and just needing cups of ice to eat. If I could eat ice cream for every meal I would. Also, hamburgers.  We went to a cookout at our friends’ family’s farm yesterday, and it was beautiful.  When I walked up to the grill to get a hamburger, the guy doing the grilling (a father of 5 little ones) gave me a burger and then 4 sausages of some kind.  I have no idea what was in them, only that they were cured in some old world fashion, he said, and they looked good.  But I felt touched that he instinctively knew that I would want to eat not only a hamburger but also all the other meat that would possibly fit in my belly. Some pregnant women talk about how they can’t fit very much food in their stomachs toward the end, but I seem to be immune from that particular struggle.  I also may have eaten 2 cookies and 3 brownies yesterday as well.  Though in my defense, I couldn’t finish all the sausages (and they were smallish to begin with) and I just ate some kale salad for dinner, and I will try not to eat any more sugar the rest of this week. But still, wow.

(Speaking of how much food I’m eating, I’ve been dreaming of having maternity pictures taken by someone who understands how to angle the camera to make me look small and adorable & feeling a little mopey and self-pitying that we can’t afford gorgeous professional family pictures of us all running through a field or something, but alas. So blurry selfies it is for the time being rather than me in a flowy skirt in soft, hazy light with John at the beach.)

The dream:


The reality: photo 2-22

But anyway, moving on.  The past few days I’ve been in massive nesting mode.  We’re going to be staying in our 800 square foot apartment when the baby comes, and as I’ve written about before the nursery is about 7 x 9 feet. For the first few months the baby will sleep in our room, but at some point we’ll have to transition him or her into Will’s room.  Not sure how we’ll squeeze them both in, but I think we can make it work. I’m kind of excited by the challenge of it?!

So I’ve been in extreme nesting mode, which has meant extreme levels of clearing things out.  (I’m hoping this energy turns itself toward a good floor-mopping pretty soon, but that hasn’t been the case yet.) I’ve been putting away winter clothes, sorting through my clothes (maternity winter, non-maternity winter, non-maternity summer/fall/nursing/etc.) and putting as much as possible into storage bins in the basement, ruthlessly tossing odds and ends into bags for Goodwill, and trying to clear out drawers. I took 2 huge bags of books down to the used bookstore and got $10 cash for them! I cleared out a nice half of a drawer in Will’s dresser for baby things! Some friends of ours gave us a huge pack of newborn Pampers, so we will have diapers for the baby!

Oh and I bought 3 of these linen t-shirts at Target last week (on sale!) in a light pink color.  (what I’m wearing in the picture above).  I needed some maternity t-shirts but these shirts are long enough that they fit great now and will also be wearable after I have the baby! These shirts are my new favorite of all time, and I want to buy about a dozen of them. Anyway, that’s about all the pregnancy-related news I have for now. I should have been taking a nap or mopping the floors, but instead I thought for some reason that my time would be more valuably used in telling a small handful strangers pointless details about my life. Maybe I am instinctively sensing that once the baby is born I will never ever have time to write another blog entry?!


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