Chestnuts and Other Simple Things for Fall


It’s officially fall here. It was 29 degrees when John left for work this morning and we had snow flurries yesterday.  I’m dreading winter a bit already, but I do love fall, and I especially love upstate New York falls. I love feeling cozy and drinking hot tea and baking things with apples we picked at the farm down the road. And I love putting my baby girl in this shirt:


In a moment of reckless abandon I bought some chestnuts at the farmers’ market, and we’ve been cracking them open with Will and eating the sweet, chewy meat. I was planning to roast them, because when I lived in London one fall a few years ago I would buy little packets of hot roasted chestnuts from street vendors and ever since then I pretty much believe that the essence of joy is roasted chestnuts in the fall. But they taste so good raw that none have made it into our oven yet.  I also bought 2 stalks of “pumpkins on a stick” (which are actually a type of ornamental eggplant) at the market. So our fall decorations consist of a bowl of squashes from our CSA, some stalks of pumpkin-on-a-stick, and two tiny pumpkins we bought at Indian Creek Farm a few weeks ago.



I’m not much of a decorate for the seasons kind of person, mostly because our space, as small as it is, can’t handle much else in the way of visual clutter or More Objects On Surfaces.  We’re pretty maxed out with just regular daily stuff. And we don’t have space to store decorations.  But I do love fall, and falls here are gorgeous, and I want Will to have good, rich, deep seasons and holidays, so I figured let’s just go crazy and have some ornamental pumpkins and tiny honey nut squashes in a bowl on the table and chestnuts to crack open and eat. (This nut-cracker for children is on our wish-list for Will in case any grandparents are reading this! I’m planning to have a bowl of nuts out on the table for the rest of the winter for cracking. it’s my new thing.)

DSC_1691 DSC_1669


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