My Babies!

We made it to the library (and back) this morning. It was snowing, no big deal. Being a surgeon in the ER during a power outage or climbing Mt. Everest with no food or water during avalanche season would be a calm, relaxing experience after taking two small children to the Ithaca library in the winter.  Have I ever mentioned that our library has no parking? Anyway, we stocked up on books about Thanksgiving, and I got some Dickens  (Oliver Twist) and some fun mysteries if the Dickens feels too difficult, which it probably will. And an anthology of 20th c. poetry! I realized I need more poems in my little world.

But before we went I tried to get some pictures of the nuggets for a possible Christmas card!!!! We’ve never sent one out, and every year I long to with all the fervor in my little heart, and then I realize that it will cost money, and we don’t.  But this year.  Maybe.

Also. I hope these photos convey how we are always sitting about laughing heartily and kissing our baby sister and gazing with wonder at the falling snow wearing coordinating outfits (minus, I guess, Will’s random track pants)! Not how unshowered I was (and still am) or the heaps of laundry in the other corner and econo-pack of toilet paper sitting in the middle of the living room because I don’t have a place to store huge quantities of toilet paper in the new house or how immediately after these pictures ensued approximately 1 hour of Margaret screaming because it was her nap time and she was hungry but we were also trying to get out the door to go to the library or how I spent most of the weekend sobbing or huddled in a ball of panic because of how hard life with two babies is.

Ok, so as crazy as life is, I just have to say. Will is obsessed with Margaret and all he wants to do is snuggle with her, help me change her diaper,  bring me cloths when she spits up, sing songs to her when she’s sad. And obsessed with helping. Takes out the trash with John, helps me wipe the table, puts his clothes away, everything. Good little productive firstborn child. And the other morning while he was playing on the rug with his trucks I heard him whispering to them, “Get cozy, get cozy.” And Margaret’s little baby smiles are just radiant beams of golden joy. So anyway, Merry early Christmas because yes, I am one of those people who starts celebrating Christmas before thanksgiving!


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