Beauty of Beans

DSC_0613 DSC_0617So, grocery budget.  We’re down to $191 for the rest of February. Which isn’t terrible, and it’s a short month.  But there are going to be many days of beans ahead of us.  Including today. John’s office was closed because of snow, which doesn’t happen often up here. So I cooked up a pot of rice for lunch and heated up the rest of the pinto beans I had in the fridge. And we had an avocado because I keep buying them for Will because how could a baby not love avocado, but somehow it is his least favorite food of all time. He will eat broccoli, collard greens, and liver like there’s no tomorrow, but creamy, mild, delicious avocado? Hates it.

Anyway, there was something so good and comforting and simple about a big bowl of rice with a scoop of beans and some avocado on top.  Here’s how to cook dry beans, and here is a post about the best corn tortillas to eat them with, if anyone is interested. Hoping that some of you might have the great fortune to be eating beans and rice today, too.



2 thoughts on “Beauty of Beans”

  1. Laurie:

    MMM — sounds delish!

    Another suggestion for cheap eats is a fritatta. Endless opportunities for variety. I do mine the lazy way — cook it in the oven at 400F for ~20 minutes.

    As for avocados: I’m basically with Will. I can only eat them with a ton of lemon juice and salt. Otherwise, they just seem so slimy and they taste so . . . . relentlessly green, like grass or something!

    [You can also cook tasty beans in a trice with a pressure cooker!]

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